Foreign Student Candidate

The foreign student candidate who registers in IPB is distinguished by two groups:

  1. The foreign student candidate, starting from the first year educational program will register in the Diploma, Undergraduate or Post Graduate Program of IPB.
  2. The foreign student who has been accepted in one of the universities abroad will register to attend the course in the Undergraduate or Post Graduate Program of IPB with the objectives (1) to continue (transfer) their studies, (2) to take certain courses, or (3) complete the spesific assigment/research.

General Requirements

The general requirements for the foreign students who will continue their studies at IPB are mentioned below:

  1. High school graduate holding a diploma or equal to an undergraduate or Master’s degree also holding a diploma with good performances.
  2. Spesifically which has been accreditted/listed in the Departemen of Education and Culture of the Republic Indonesia or Kementerian Riset, Teknologi dan Pendidikan Tinggi (KEMENRISTEK DIKTI) RI.
  3. File requirements must be completed during the registration (requirement file) is:
    • The letter of request to become a student in IPB is directed to the Vice Rector of Academic and Student Affairs (WRAK) for the Diploma and Undergraduate Program, while for Post Graduate Program is directed to the Dean of the School of Post Graduate
    • Curriculum Vitae
    • A photocopy of diploma and legalized academic transcript
    • A letter of statement guaranteeing the cost of educational and living during studying period
    • A letter of notification guaranteeing from the sponsor if the entire cost is funded by the sponsor
    • A letter of notification of guarantor (Indonesia citizen) as the person in charge in Indonesia or the notification of bank deposit for foreign student paid individually
    • A letter of approval from the superior for student candidiates who are working
    • A copy of passport applying for minimum period of 1 year
    • Healt Certificate
    • 3 colored 4x6 cm passport picture with a red background

Requirements For Registration

Foreign students who has been accepted in IPB, will process the studying permit. Requirement forms which must be completed (completing the form in point 2) is:

  1. A letter statement declaring that the subject will not work while studying in Indonesia
  2. A letter statement declaring that the subject will not be involved in any political activity in Indonesia
  3. A letter notification from embassy of the origin country of the student
  4. Letter of Acceptance (LoA) from IPB.

Further Information

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