Discover The Joy of Learning at IPB University

Discover The Joy of Learning in IPB

On behalf of IPB University, Bogor, Indonesia, I welcome you to discover more about an academic environment where you benefit from advantages of a Bogor city with its extensive educational opportunities in comfort and safety of city life, where you will feel right at home. Starting 2019, Bogor Agricultural University

Bogor Agricultural University was established to be a center of excellence in agriculture (in a broad perspective) and promote scientific research benefiting the future of mankind. Bogor Agricultural University, it is rebranding as IPB University in 2019, is one of national’s foremost institutions of higher education in Indonesia, well-known not only for its remarkable diverse range of subjects, but also for its research-led teaching and outstanding scientific environment.

IPB University, Bogor, Indonesia, comprises of 9 faculties and 3 schools offering 48 Doctoral study programs, 79 Master study programs, 39 Undergraduate study programs, and 17 Diploma programs. The university has more than 21 Research Centers, and Advanced Laboratory, University Farm, Animal Teaching Hospital, Student Dormitory, Library and other university support facilities. Such resources and facilities enable IPB University to provide students with opportunities to devote themselves to research activities, to experience the joy of encountering new knowledge, to communicate with others who share the same passion of learning, and to find the joy of working with their peers to broaden their horizons. Our university is therefore most suitable for those seeking to further their learning.


Prof. Dr. Arif Satria, S.P., M.Si.


Starting 2018, IPB University opens an International class.

There are three study programs that open the International class in 2018, namely:

  1. Veterinary Medicine, for further information please download here
  2. Food Science and Technology (ITP), for further information please download here
  3. Agroindustrial Engineering (TIN). for furhter information please download here
  4. Business, for futher information please download here
  5. Marine Science and Technology (ITK), for furhter information please download here

And in 2020, Business school open the Internasional class (for further information please download here)


The International program selection method is the same as the UTM pathway method through written examinations in English. Written examination is about scholastic test. The students who choose the Veterinary Study Program, there is a test about Veterinary Medicine.


International Class participants in 2022 must meet the following requirements:

  • Foreign citizen and Indonesian citizen
  • Graduates of both domestic and foreign science / high school / in 2020, 2021 or 2022
  • For Malaysian, should have college certificate
  • If you don’t have college certificate (SIJIL), you cannot be accepted as a IPB university’s student this year


Registration Schedule: April 11th ,2022 – May 14th,2022

Pre Exam : May 21st, 2022

Test based on computer schedule: May 22nd, 2022

Due to the situation of corona virus right now, the test will be online through (can be access 1 day before the exam). The rules of the test will be updated soon.

Exam Result Announcement: May 30th,2022 through

Online registration :  May 31st – June 10th, 2022

Tuition payment period :  May 31st – June 10th, 2022



  Register Here

Admission Test Fee:

Payment should be made in IDR

  • Amount must be transferred  :  IDR 3,000,000 (three million rupiahs)
  • Account Number / Name / Bank : 1330000072009 /Rektor IPB . PMB-IPB/ Bank Mandiri
  • Swift code (BMRIIDJAXXX or BMRIIDJA) depends on the bank

Capacity :

  1. Veterinary Medicine, 50
  2. Food Science and Technology (ITP), 25
  3. Agricultural Industry Technology (TIN), 25
  4. Business, 50
  5. Marine Science and Technology (ITK), 40

How to Register: